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awkwardlyhott asked:

But thats porn you don't have to post a naked picture of yourself to accept your body this is rediculous


of course you are entitled to your opinion, but i think it’s more ridiculous to judge one person’s process in which they work on body love and positivity. it works for me and many others, but it doesn’t have to work for you, nor is anyone asking for you to do it that way.

(also ps. nudity does not always equate to pornography and is perfectly natural)

Facebook Bans Female Rowing Club After Branding Nude Charity Calendar 'Porn'


My own post script: I am in the YNA group on Facebook, which you actually have to join to see the content. And sure enough, they have trouble with people who report content. There are only two conclusions I can draw about the people reporting the content:

  1. They join the group and are shocked to find depictions of partly naked people in a group whose name clearly contains the word “nudist.”
  2. They are people whose lives are so empty that they joined the group specifically to cause the folks in the group problems.

I’m not sure which is more pathetic. I also had a model friend get a warning about a picture in which she is naked, but you can’t see those all so offensive parts. Implied nudity…who will think of the children?

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