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Many couples practice nudism together, but there are couples where one person is a nudist but the other is not.  Sometimes the non-nudist of the couple can be persuaded to give nudism a try.  If they do, then a lot of times they like it too.  Sometimes, no matter how much they try, a spouse or partner won’t try nudism and the other has to respect that decision.  If you are a couple who enjoys nudism together, count yourselves as lucky!

If you are one of a couple who is reluctant to try nudism, ask yourself why you are reluctant. If you think people won’t like you because you don’t have the “ideal” body, then you don’t know nudists!  A majority of nudists don’t have “ideal” bodies - but neither do a majority of humans walking the earth.  The “ideal” body is a fantasy made up by media to sell things - clothes, lingerie, diet plans, gym memberships, self-help programs, cars, houses, and vacations.  Those people usually don’t exist outside of the airbrushed pixels on your computer or TV screen.

Nudists realize that the “ideal” body is the one you were born in.  We accept people for who they are, not for what they look like. Nudists are some of the friendliest and most accepting people on Earth.

So if you’re reluctant to try nudism because you aren’t “ideal”, then you should really re-think that stance and give it a try.  It could change your life - for the better!

The Heartland Naturists of Kansas City have been promoting wholesome, family-friendly nude recreation since 1982.

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